A few (obviously spoilery) thoughts about "The Blue Butterfly:"

* Martha as a character who's discouraging someone from drinking? Kind of hilarious ;)
* I knew this already, but damn, the clothes and shoes and hair in the 40s were gorgeous!
* I adore and want those t-strap shoes Sally was wearing...
* Alexis Sally turning out to be the villain was awesome and so unexpected, just because it's Alexis. It must have been fun for Molly Quinn to play!
* 1947!Ryan and 1947!Esposito were fantastic.
* Castle trying to get Ryan to say "boyo" also cracked me up.
* Stana Katic seems to get more beautiful with every episode. ♥
* I hope they found a way to arrest Clyde the Treasure Hunter for something, because wow, he was a pretentious douchebag.
* The actor who played 2012 Joe reminded me so, so much of John Sheppard/Joe Flanigan. It made me smile.
* They never really explained what happened to Tom Dempsey. Are we supposed to believe that he just happened to have a heart attack, perhaps after the shock of losing the Blue Butterfly? I didn't get the impression that Joe and Vera killed him, though I guess it's possible, but a heart attack just four months later doesn't sound all that coincidental...
* I must admit I was hoping for a lot more kissing...
* But the moment when Castle said "I can't give you anything but love" totally made up for that. Beckett's expression was so perfect.

Overall, "The Blue Butterfly" made me happy. I can't say it reached the level of ecstatic perfection that was "Knockout," but then, what actually could? Still, definitely good times, and I enjoyed the second viewing just as much as the first :)

Also, it inspired me to get The Novels of Dashiell Hammett out of the library, which I've been meaning to do for at least a year. I can't wait to finish up my current book so I can get started on them!


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