We watched the final episode of Eureka last night. I'm so, so sad that it's over, but if it had to end (*glares at stupid corporate bastard tv execs*), I think they did a great job with the ending, working in so many of the things I've loved about the show over the past several (not nearly enough) years. Here are my ramblings - with spoilers, of course.

I was certain that Zoe would be in the episode, and I'm so happy that she was. Her joining Fargo's sit-in especially made me smile. I was also hoping that they'd bring back a few other old favorite characters, so I was delighted with the return of Taggart and Lojack! And though it wasn't a surprise, I was also very happy that Wil Wheaton was part of it. He's been a fun addition to the show during the past couple years.

I'd wondered if Trevor Grant Baltar was going to be in the episode, and I was surprised when he wasn't in the (adorable and fun) montage of life in Eureka when Jack jumped into the wormhole. But what they did was so much better! I'd forgotten how they resolved his storyline, so I wasn't even suspicious when they mentioned that the town had been sold, but I loved when he showed up! I will say that his American accent has gotten considerably worse...but it was a practical and satisfying resolution to the DOD-shutting-Eureka-down crisis.

Predictable though it - and I - may be, I loved all the happy, shippy endings. When else but a finale will a show ever have four happy couples at the same time? Of course, Carter and Allison had already found happiness together, but the pregnancy was a lovely addition, and a nice callback to the alternate timeline from the Season 1 finale (only that time it was Zoe's high school graduation). I loved Jo's proposal and Zane's "In any timeline" reply. I was pleasantly surprised that Beverly did the right thing and got Grace released to rejoin Henry, and not at all surprised that she managed to keep herself out of trouble while she did so. And of course, Fargo and Holly were just too cute for words!

The fact that they kept splitting seasons over several years has confused me as to timeline, but it seems awfully fast for Zoe to be graduating from college. I mean, she delivered Jenna while she was still in high school, and I don't think the kid has even reached three yet, right? I know Zoe's a genius and all, but graduating from Harvard with sufficient knowledge for medical school in two years seems like a bit much...but yeah, TV, suspended disbelief and all that.

And oh, I loved the ending, too. As soon as Carter and Zoe got in the car, I thought Aww, it's just like the beginning. And then when they passed themselves? Many smiles, especially at Jack's "I'll deal with it tomorrow." :)

Did I mention how sad I am that the series is actually over? I kept pausing the DVR to reminisce about earlier seasons, partly because I didn't want the episode to end. But if there is a bright side, I hope it will be a DVD release of the complete series. It may take a couple years before it's affordable (their half-season DVDs sure aren't), but much of the series is available streaming on Netflix, so I can be patient. But I am excited to watch the entire series through from the beginning.


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