The Distant Hours is Kate Morton's most recent book and the only one I hadn't yet read. When Edie Burchill's mother receives a letter that was lost in the mail for 50 years, Edie learns that her mother was evacuated from London during World War II and spent 18 months living at Milderhurst Castle in the country. When a business trip accidentally brings her to the village of Milderhurst, Edie can't resist a visit to the castle, particularly after learning it was the home of Raymond Blythe, who wrote her favorite childhood book, The True History of the Mudman. There she meets the three elderly Blythe sisters who cared for her teenage mother: the ninety-something twins Persephone and Seraphina, and their younger half-sister Juniper, who has never recovered from the disappearance of her fiancé 50 years earlier.

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